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Core Guidelines Document – Read this first

 CGD cover
12 Steps for setting up a functioning Duty of Care Policy in your own church or context – work through this booklet as a leadership team


Other Accompanying Booklets

 BK1 cover
Booklet 1 – A training tool for leaders and teams to help understand child abuse


 BK2 cover
Booklet 2 – This material should be covered with all children’s and youth team members


BK3 cover
Booklet 3 – A practical tool for leaders organising camps, excursions etc.


BK4 cover
Booklet 4 – A procedure to follow if any incidences occur of suspected abuse or neglect


Booklet 5 – To be used by leaders to inform the process of selecting people to work with children and youth in your church or context


BK6 cover
Booklet 6 – A training package for team members to provide advice and skills for dealing with children or youth that may be at risk through internal or external factors, such as bullying or mental health issues.


Bk7 cover
Booklet 7 – A package for church leadership to provide a clear pathway of response if an incident occurs, or an allegation is made.