with Dr Ken Chant.

The theme will be “Better than Revival” – that is, there is a biblical pattern for healthy and growing churches that differs remarkably from the common idea of “revival” as the great need of the church. So, the titles will be –

Better than Revival – on building the church God wants.

A Crooked Spire – on getting the dynamics of a local church right.

Butterfly in Brazil – what influence do you and your church have in your community?

Abra Cadaver – does your church have all its parts in all the right places?

A Pentecostal Church – on how the church does it’s best evangelism through worship.

Ananias and Sapphira – the signs of a truly powerful church.

I know there are only four sessions, but I would like some flexibility to adjust which four I use, depending upon who is there, and how the sessions flow.