Empowering the Filipino church to impact their nation and beyond

From the International Director

It is with some sense of accomplishment that I present the proposed National Centre for the Philippines. It will be a strategic development of the ministry of the CRC in that nation.

In the Asian psyche, it is very important that there be evidence of permanency in what we do. The thinking of the Filipino is steeped in hundreds of years of religious and cultural tradition. We are now clearly conveying that the CRC is here to stay and that we have put our roots down.

It has always been a long-term goal to see such a base established for the future of the work in the Philippines. A base will accommodate the continuing growth throughout the diverse cultures of the 80 provinces of the nation.

I ask you to commit to this project as it will be an

investment in the future of the work of the Kingdom and in the Philippines. I encourage you as a church and as an individual to invest in this project and in doing so partner with the integrity and sacrifice of our Filipino family. They have given much and continue to do so.

A commitment to the National Centre will strengthen the hands of our Filipino brethren, which I am sure will in turn inspire them to greater heights of devotion and sacrifice for Christ and His Kingdom.

I ask you to give sacrificially and in faith so that your contribution will result in a returned harvest to all, both for the giver as well as the receiver.

This is my prayerful desire

Barry Silverback
International Director



CRC Churches (Australia) was originally birthed in 1945 through the late Pastor Leo Harris. A man ablaze with a God-given vision to impact the nations, Pastor Leo understood the words ‘vision, mandate and authority’. Historical roots are important. Methods and manner must change. Original mandate remains.

To fulfil our destiny in God’s kingdom plans and purposes, it’s important to identify what is imbedded in our movement, and therefore the DNA of our local churches. Can we dare to believe that we really are ‘creating churches and changing worlds?’

Our vision is both divine and simple:

‘It is our conviction that the CRC has been raised up by God to present the full gospel with fervour and conviction, to teach the full deliverance of men and women from all the works of the devil, or, in other words, to completely obey and practice the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ as recorded in Mark16:15-18’.1

In the vein of this mandate, we extended our CRC family into the Philippines. ‘Kingdom family’ crosses all cultural and geographical boundaries. God’s redemptive plan for all nations is the crimson thread throughout Scripture. The book of Revelation gives us a glimpse of ‘kingdom family’ through the eyes of John the Apostle. What did John see? (Revelation 5:6-10).

People, purchased men FOR God, from every tribe, language and nation.

‘Kingdom family’ is divinely designed and strengthened by friendship, investment and prayer. As we stand with our Filipino family, we move in our mandate, maintain the momentum and share in this exciting journey of ‘God’s kingdom come on this earth’.

1 Flames of Revival, Dudley Cooper



Floor Plans

Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan


x2 Double The Churches, Double The People

Over the past few years we have been very intentional in lifting the World Missions vision of our Pastors and Churches throughout Australia. This flowed out of my quite prophetic God encounter while I was teaching at Bethel Bible College (PNG) and the Kingdom-expanding decisions that we made as a National Executive Team in 2004, which our National Council unanimously endorsed at our International Conference in May 2005. I remember when we were all on our knees, calling out to God to enable us to outwork this BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to ‘have a CRC presence in every nation on planet earth by our Centenary in 2045’.

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A Time To Build Update

p>The project is well and truly underway! There is considerable excitement amongst the CRC churches in the Philippines as the seemingly impossible project (to them) is now starting to eventuate.

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