National Chairman

It’s a joy serving Jesus through our CRC movement and to share with you about our journey since our last National gathering.

2011 Pastors & Leaders Conference

The theme of our National Pastors and Leaders Conference in May 2011 was GO! – 21st Century Evangelism and our selection of experienced CRC speakers powerfully challenged us to get fully aligned with Jesus’ Great Commission. The DVDs of all the sessions are available and they are an excellent equipping resource for your churches.

New Local Church Model Constitution

It was during the 2011 conference that the Local Church Draft Constitution was presented and accepted by the National Council as the model Constitution for new CRC churches and a guideline for existing churches. Several churches have now adopted this as their governing document and others are going through the process in consultation with their State Executives. I am so pleased with the best possible governance practices and ministry principles contained in this constitution and it’s so proactive in balancing our autonomous-interdependent ethos as a family of churches. Many thanks to the Team that did a huge amount of work to produce this excellent document (Pastors Bruce Sharman, Neil Milne, Mike Cronin, Norm Reed and Nathan Bettcher).

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